Just a place for me and my friends to roleplay
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 Rules of the Roleplay

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C loth Anthropodermic
C loth Anthropodermic

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Rules of the Roleplay Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Roleplay   Rules of the Roleplay EmptyWed Aug 04, 2010 5:07 pm

Hello all and welcome to...this...forum.
This is a roleplay forum, and shall only be used when my friends and I are bored and looking for some roleplay. If you would like to join the roleplay then you'd have to make a character sheet that includes your character's name, age, race, history, family, and background information. Once you've completed the character sheet, and I've approved it then you may start the roleplay.
Ruels of the Roleplay:
Recomended three sentences per post.
Recomended ten paragraph limit.
You are aloud to swear, but don't swear too often.
Please be kind to other roleplayers.
You can have multiple characters if needed.
Please do not get too sexual in the forums.
Please use proper grammar, to the best of your ability.
Please write in 3rd person.
Please write it as you would a story. Not Very Good Example: She skipped down the street. "BLAH!" She yelled.
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Rules of the Roleplay
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