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 Plot and setting

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Plot and setting  Empty
PostSubject: Plot and setting    Plot and setting  EmptyWed Aug 04, 2010 6:32 pm

There are four dominant species humans, cannibals, vampire, and souleaters. Whom all try to live with eachother in peace, just a few centries before the current time there was a war between the cannibals, humans, and vampires. In a last attempt to win the war the humans sent out a nuclear bomb called 'The Nuclear', which...before you can blink an eye...turned great nations into dust. Now centries afterwards the survivors rebuild societies.
The setting takes place in a certain town, haven't thought up a name for it, in the post-apocalyptic futuristic world. The sun never rises, it is always hidden by dark clouds that were formed do to the polultion that has consumed the air. The goverment has tight control of the world, and if you disagree or protest anything they say they will find you and possibly kill you...or worse, and the world is ran by a mysterious figure that never showed his or her face in public. Because of the goverment's unfair rules, and cruel punishments there are many rebells whom attempt to take down the goverment, but so far none has suceeded.
Do to the nuclear war, a highly contagious deadly diesease inhabits the globe, if you are infected you become insane, and die a painful death...taking all your loved ones with you. If you are even accused of being infected, you get taken away and put in solitude until the diesease kills you off
Grave robbing is an illegal, but very profitable job. You dig up dead bodies, and sell the body to your local butcher, they way how much the body is weighs and check for any dieseases then pay you per pound. Also a very illegal but profitable job is being a drug dealer. There is a new drug called Zinx which you inject into your veins, and it takes effect on your mind, emotions, and your attitude over life all together.

You can pick one of four races.

Humans...are just humans...nothing special, but they are the race you can make mutated and give powers to.

Cannibals are like humans, they were most likely humans at one point, but are usually must stronger and faster then humans, they also have stronger jaws and sharper teeth. They can tear a huge chunk of flesh off of their victims with a single bite. Cannibals also have three sub types.

Religious cannibals; These cannibals are just like human, and usually eat the food humans eat. But when someone they love dies, instead of burrying them they eat them. For religious reasons, and to show that the person will always be a part of them. They often are seen with humans
Moderate Cannibals; They prefer meat that has already been killed, they can't bare the guilt of killing a human themselves. They often seen with vampires, and have more of a gothic look to them.
Chaotic Cannibals; They will kill anyone they can get their hands on, even if they aren't hungry. They enjoy the thrill of the kill, and are usually cruel and unreasonable. They only are seen with eachother.

Vampires...The part bat, part mosquito, part human race. They DO NOT SHINE in the sunlight unless they are gay, and in that case they shine where ever they go. They burn in the sunlight, but that doesn't effect them for there hasn't been a day of sunlight in years. They like any blood they can find, they aren't too picky it all is the same, and are able to transform into a mosquito, leech, bat, or human. They are often very young and beautiful, and can shift what age they want to be. The only way of killing them is to destroy their body, but they can hyponotize you if they look into your eyes.

Soul Eaters are often feared, and are the outcast of the races. They are often found in the woods, and are extremely powerful. Depending if they are good or evil they take the souls of the damned, or anyone they think would be a nice treat or good for their collection.
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Plot and setting
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